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a b o u t u s.

welcome to twi_stillness! this is an icon challenge community dedicated to the popular Twilight book/movie series and the talented cast portraying the characters. this not an elite community, icon makers of all skill levels are welcome - so everyone is welcome to enter, however you must be a member before you submit icons. :)

have fun!

check 'em out.
a f f i l i a t e s.

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gotta have 'em.
t h e r u l e s.

ONE: before entering challenges you need to join the community.
TWO: all icons must fit LJ guidlines. meaning the icon can only be 100x100 and 40kg (or less) in size.
THREE: submitted entries cannot be posted anywhere else until the challenge is over. if this happens, your icon will be disqualified.
FOUR: do not vote for yourself in challenges.
FIVE: everything entered should be new.
SIX: do NOT steal other people's work.
SEVEN: this is a stillness community. so no animated icons can be entered.
EIGHT: when entering to a challenge, enter as shown below:


credits and stuff.
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